Composer, NPM, Gulp, Webpack, git and deployHQ build pipelines!

I’ll circle back around to add more details later, but as of right now, I am loving this new development and deployment workflow.  In a nutshell, I have a new workflow with Composer, NPM, Gulp, and WebPack.  I open my project, using terminal I cd to my build directory and type in “npm run start”.  It then watches for my changes and with every save, it re-compiles my site.  I glance over at my other monitor and watch my changes appear (browser sync).  When I am happy with how things look and work, I do a git add –all, then a git commit -m “commit message”, then a git push origin production.  Because I have integrated, I can sit back and watch the magic happen.  Using DeployHQ’s build pipelines –  From their site, “Define commands to run on our servers before starting a deployment. These commands may fetch dependencies, build assets or anything else you can think of. Generated files will be uploaded with your deployment.”  And because I have it set up to detect pushes to my production branch and automatically run the build and push updated files to my production server, it is like being on easy street.  The days of ftp are approaching an end, at least for this kind of work.