Gravity Forms Review

This post is long overdue.  For that matter any post would be overdue as it has been too long since my last post.  However, I am writing today to say how much I LOVE the Gravity Forms plugin.  I have used several other plugins, but to date, I have not come across any form builder plugin that works as nice as Gravity Forms.  There are way too many features for me to tell you here, but here are some of my favorites:

  1. For starters, the user interface is super intuitive and easy to use.
  2. There are tons of add-ons to support just about every integration needed.  For example, I recently did an integration with MailChimp and it was a breeze.
  3. Their documentation and support is incredible.  I recently wrote some custom code to post all form data submitted to 3rd party CRM (where their wasn’t an add-on for) and I used their gform_post_submission action hook to make a soap call to the 3rd party web service.  It worked liked a charm.  Wish I could say the say the same about the 3rd party that was accepting the data.  Lack of solid documentation on the 3rd party side caused me a lot of frustration, but again, the Gravity Forms side of things was great.
  4. Creating dynamic forms is a breeze using their ‘Allow field to be populated dynamically’ option.
  5. Showing and hiding fields based off user inputs is also a breeze using their ‘Enable Conditional Logic’.  Ie. Show if any or all fields match the following…
  6. Setting up Notifications, Routing, etc. is easy and works like a charm.

Like I said earlier, there are too many awesome features for me to list them all.  I just got doing a pretty complex form for a client and was amazed at how smooth it went so I thought why not write about it while it was fresh in my mind.  Anyway, just wanted to give Gravity Forms some love for creating such a great product.