Two great articles on website trends to watch for 2015

Top Four reasons you need a responsive website:

  1.  “Nearly 70 percent of Americans now use their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, to conduct Internet searches.”
  2. “If your competitor’s site is already responsive, you can’t afford not to catch up and do the same.”
  3. “Putting money into creating and maintaining one site is less expensive than creating and maintaining one primary website and a mobile site.”
  4. “Google cares. Yes, (the almighty and powerful) Google and other search engines are favoring responsive websites in search rankings. Search engines want to provide users with the most relevant search results, so mobile users in particular will be shown responsive sites before non-responsive sites in search results.”

Everybody Scrolls:

“We learned that participants almost always scrolled, regardless of how they are cued to do so – and that’s liberating. While it’s hard to make universal recommendations, we’d suggest that designers use the cue that works best in its context.”