WordPress Tools that we think are great!

UpdraftPlus – Backup & Migration tool is definitely one of our favorites.  For starters, it makes taking backups a breeze.  You can get your backups stored locally on your server or sent to remote storage in the cloud.  We recommend doing both.  It gives you the option to take backups before doing any plugin, theme, or core WordPress updates.  You can even schedule nightly, weekly, etc backups to take place on any night of the week.

iThemes Security – This day and age, security is crucial.  Unfortunately, hackers have gotten so smart and most often hack sites just for fun and bragging rights.  It is important to have a good username and a strong password.  For example, do not select a username such as ‘Admin’ and never use a password that can be found in the English dictionary.  Hackers have written scripts that will hit your login page and try every page in the English dictionary if they find your login page and the site allows them.  With iThemes, you can hide your login page, prevent Brute Force attacks, blacklist IP addresses, and much more.  Another good plugin is ‘Limit Login Attempts’

Yoast SEO – This tool is great for guiding users in selecting the right keywords to add to html titles, meta descriptions, content headings, image alt tags, and your page copy.  upon activating this plugin and telling it what keywords you believe are important, the plugin will show you your pages grade.  From there, you can tweak your content until you are happy with the rating.

Of course we like several other plugins and services as well, but we will mention some of those in later posts.  For example, we like MaxCDN and Clourdflare as well as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.  Check back to learn more.