.04 Launch

Before we actually launch we do QA. Quality Assurance is when we test in all modern browsers, on a mobile phone or two and some sort of tablet or two. We also open this phase up to the client to test and report bugs. A bug is anything that doesn’t work as it is intended to work. Now, this phase often uncovers that things don’t quite work as you would like, but still works as it was designed to work. At this time, we evaluate the budget and determine if it can be changed within the current scope and budget. If not, a change request is opened, the task is estimated and a decision is made on whether or not to proceed with the enhancement or does it get added to the post go-live phase as a maintenance item.

90-day bug fixing phase
We code all sites with close attention to detail. In addition to our quality assurance phase pre-go-live, we also guarantee the final product by offering 90 days of free bug-fixing.

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