Our Process

Having a good process is key to ensuring that our projects are successful. Let’s face it, there are just steps in every process that shouldn’t be skipped if you want to reach the top.

Our process starts with you. It starts with you telling us about your business, your goals, your challenges, and needs. We listen, take notes, and then develop a plan. We call this the Discovery Phase.

Once we have completed the discovery phase, we then move into the design phase. In this phase, we might design for the brand as well as the user interface for the website. We present our designs to you for approval and don’t start developing until you are satisfied.

We then develop. This is often a slow phase for our clients as they are excited to see things, but there isn’t much to see until we near the end of the development phase. Unless of course you just like looking at unfinished code. Trust me, it isn’t very exciting. However, at the end of this phase, your images and content start to get loaded into the site. At this point, it is starting to come to fruition and we start testing and revising.

Often times the development phase and the testing phase overlap. Once all is looking good, we launch the site for the public to see.

Websites are like houses and cars in that they all need attention from time to time. Just like a car, if you never maintained it, it will eventually die. For websites, this is because the technology that drives the world wide web is constantly changing. It is evolving to be faster, more secure, more interactive and more. As a result, our websites need to evolve at the same pace. Therefore, all of our websites go into a maintenance phase where we perform routine security checks and software updates. Without these, the site becomes vulnerable to hackers and or sometimes just simply stop working.

Review our process step by step starting with the Discover phase