Internet Explorer’s Future…

I thought this was worth posting.

“Many Windows users associate Internet Explorer with terrible performance and badly rendered websites, but that hasn’t actually been the case for a long time. The most recent iterations of the browser have worked well enough, yet the legacy of the monstrosity that was Internet Explorer 6 loomed large over them. Even Microsoft took shots at the browser in ads for later versions, but that wasn’t enough to remove the stigma.”

I would even go a step further and say their browser didn’t really start getting good until IE9.

“Meanwhile, the Explorer team has been on a bug hunt of late, patching over 40 IE vulnerabilities in a mid-February update, including one that was disclosed prior to the big patch day, to ensure that we stay safe while the company makes the transition.”

Over 40 vulnerabilities in IE patched this last Feb.

Anyway, people often ask what I use and I respond, Firefox or Chrome.  As of late, I have been using the new Firefox Developer Edition and have to admit that I really like it.